Work Related Sexual Harassment: How An Employment Lawyer Can Help You

Are you being denied a job promotion because your boss has been sexually harassing you in order to get it? Sexual harassment is illegal, and you can do something to get the justice you deserve with the help of an employment lawyer. Find out how a lawyer can help you sue your employer for sexual harassment and if you will have to spend money upfront to hire a lawyer.

How Can a Lawyer Assist with Work Related Sexual Harassment?

It is important for you to be sure that what your boss does is actually considered sexual harassment before filing a lawsuit. Speaking to a lawyer about your situation at work will help him or her determine if you have any legal grounds for taking action or not. Getting denied a promotion that you are well qualified for simply because you won't give in to the sexual advances of your boss should be good enough.

However, your lawyer will assist you with notifying the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) before taking the case to court. The EEOC can actually handle the entire case by demanding that you are promoted or getting your harassing boss fired. If your case does not move forward with the EEOC, your lawyer can help you file a lawsuit.

Your lawyer may ask you if other incidences took place that can constitute sexual harassment, as it will make your case stronger. Some of the other things considered sexual harassment include the following:

  • Grabbing your body
  • Speaking sexual in a joking manner
  • Inappropriately using terms of endearment

Before a lawsuit is filed, your lawyer may try to settle the incident with your employer out of court. He or she will request that your boss agrees to a mediation session, as well as his or her supervisor and lawyer.

How Much Does Hiring a Lawyer for a Sexual Harassment Case Cost?

A lawyer will charge a minimum of $100 per hour for handling your case. However, you can be charged a contingency fee if the case turns into a lawsuit, which means paying up to 50% of what is won from the lawsuit with nothing given upfront. If the case is unsuccessful, you may be asked to pay a set amount of money to your lawyer (if any).

You should not be left out of promotions at work because your boss sexually harasses you against your will. Allow an employment lawyer, such as John Franco Law, to help you resolve the situation.