Pregnant And Unemployed? Can You Get Unemployment?

Losing a job while pregnant can complicate things a little more than if you were not carrying a baby in your belly. The further you get in your pregnancy, the more difficult it is to find someone willing to hire you. The question that many women in this position ask is, "Am I eligible for unemployment?" and that can be a complicated matter.

Why were you terminated from your position?

If you were terminated for reasons that would make you ineligible for unemployment benefits, you cannot expect to be approved simply because you are pregnant. In most cases, employers cannot terminate your position solely based on the fact that you are pregnant. If this is the case, then yes, you would likely qualify for unemployment benefits.

What do you do if you were denied benefits?

If you were denied benefits, your best option is to contact an unemployment attorney immediately. You have the option to appeal the decision, but the appeal must be filed soon after receiving the notice of denial.

A lawyer will help you prepare the application for appeal and help you get through what can be a complicated system. If you were to prepare the appeal yourself, you could actually hurt your chances of an approval by including damaging information.

Does your doctor allow you to work?

If your doctor has requested that you not work during your pregnancy, you will likely be denied the unemployment compensation claim. To qualify for unemployment, you must be able and available for work.

What happens after you have the baby?

If you have been approved for unemployment and have been collecting the benefits throughout your pregnancy, you must remember that you cannot claim benefits for the time you are recovering from giving birth. As mentioned above, you must be capable of working.

Do not skip reporting for the week/s following the birth of your baby. When asked if you were seeking employment and capable of working, answer no. Continue this filing option until your doctor has given you the go ahead to return to work. Failure to do so can cause you to lose your unemployment benefits now and for several years after.

Through all of this, do your best to remain positive and calm. Your lawyer, such as Law Office of Matthew J Brier, will do everything possible to help you through the situation. Follow his or her advice, get some rest and stay healthy for you and your baby's sake.