Minimizing The Risk Of Facial Injuries And Scarring In Car Accidents

Even car accident injuries that are not serious can leave you with significant scarring. Since most people find facial scarring particularly bothersome, it's important to take the necessary steps to prevent them whenever you get into a car. Here are a few precautions that can help:

Leave Some Space between You and the Airbag

The driver's airbag is usually enclosed in the steering wheel. The airbag needs to deploy in under a second to protect the driver in case of a crash. This means you don't have time to protect your face when the airbag deploys, and it can cause you serious injuries if you were sitting too close to it at the time of deployment. To prevent such injuries, sit as far back from the steering wheel as you can while still reaching the gas and brake pedals.

Always Buckle Up

In addition to sitting away from the airbag, you also need to fasten your seatbelt. The seatbelts work by holding you onto your seat and preventing your body from snapping towards the steering wheel if another car hits you from behind.

Ensure Your Windshield Is Intact

Lastly, you also need to ensure your windshield is intact and properly installed because it is integral to your safety in a crash. The windshield allows the airbag to deploy correctly, prevents you from being ejected from the car, and prevents the car's roof from caving in during an accident.

For example, an improperly installed windshield may separate from the car during a crash. If that happens, the windshield will not cushion you when you are thrown forward, and your face may scrape the tarmac. Also, your windshield is more likely to shatter and cut your face if it is cracked than if it isn't.

Just like other parts of the body, facial injuries may result in scarring. Unlike scars on other parts of the body, however, facial scars are more visible. This high visibility means that you may need the following:

  • Ongoing facial reconstruction surgery to get rid of the scars
  • Ongoing physical therapy to get your facial tissues
  • Counseling to help you deal with your disfigurement

Considering all these issues, it's understandable that a facial scar should receive higher compensation than scars on other parts of the body. However, that is only possible if you can prove your injuries and damages. For example, you may be asked to prove why you need multiple reconstructive surgeries to get rid of the scars. In case you are dealing with facial scars from a car accident, talk to a car accident attorney today to help you prepare a strong claim.