3 Undergraduate Degrees That You Should Consider If You Are Interested In Becoming A Trial Lawyer

Becoming a trial lawyer can seem like an interesting career path. Though it is not as glamorous as what you may see on television, the profession can keep you on your toes. In order to be successful in the courtroom, you need to have a solid educational foundation. This occurs as early as your first year as an undergraduate student. While law schools accept students from all majors, there are a few undergraduate majors that can help to better prepare you for your time in law school.


Majoring in English does not leave you with the technical skills that are often taught in business or engineering majors. However, English majors do develop a number of skills that are not only great for your life well after college but also when you begin your law degree. Reading comprehension and attention to detail are two skill sets that are often needed in order to succeed in law school. You will need to have the ability to digest a large amount of information and retain key details. English courses are composed of novels and passages that you have to be able to break down and interpret on your own. Majoring in English during your undergraduate years will not guarantee that you will do well in law school, but it will help to give you some of the skill sets that are needed.


Many new laws are put into play based on precedent. These are crimes and cases that have been heard at an earlier time. Having a large knowledge of criminal, civil, and other law cases that have occurred during the United States' history allows you to find patterns, use examples, and more. Therefore, majoring in criminology will give you a brief introduction into common and unique cases that have shaped the country's legal system. This will not completely prepare you for the material you will learn in law school, but it will help to give you a running start when classes do begin.

Political Science

Before attending law school, you will need to develop a good foundation in how your country's government and political system works. Without this foundation, you will have a hard time understanding how the justice system works and its weaknesses and strong points. Political science is a subject that many students should stay on top of whether or not they are majoring in it. This includes keeping up with elections as well as following new issues brought up in government. 

Becoming a trial lawyer is no walk in the park, and it requires you to be well-versed in numerous subjects. Therefore, use these potential undergraduate majors help get you started on the right foot. For more advice, talk to a trial attorney such as Swartz & Swartz P.C.