Truck Accidents: 3 Types Of Evidence That Can Prove You're A Responsible Driver

Truck drivers have one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Not only are truck drivers expected to drive up to fourteen hours a day at times, they also rarely receive more than one day of work off each week. Because of the amount of time that truck drivers spend driving, many truck drivers start to go on autopilot. This can make them more prone to getting into accidents. If you are involved in a trucking accident that does not have a clear indication of who is at fault, you need to be able to prove that you are a responsible driver using these tree types of evidence.

Past Driving Records and History

The amount of experience that you have on the road can be very telling. Hand over your past driving records and history to your truck accident attorney. The attorney will take a look at the amount of years that you have been working, the amount of hours that you have clocked, as well as the amount of accidents you've gotten in and the amount of traffic violations you've received. If you've been a relatively safe driver in the past, your attorney may recommend submitting your driving records to the court in order to establish credibility.

Vehicle Data

Truck drivers are responsible for tracking the amount of hours that they've worked and rested. In general, truck drivers can only clock 60 to 70 hours of on-duty time within 7 or 8 consecutive days. If you're found to be in violation of these rules, the court may determine that you were not well-rested enough. This factor may have contributed to the accident. With that said, almost all trucks collect real-time data regarding when the truck was driven, the distance the driver drove, amongst other information. These records can prove that you were diligent in ensuring that you had sufficient rest and that you did not overwork yourself.

Vehicle Maintenance Records

Another crucial key to establishing that you're a responsible driver is to show that you were diligent in getting the truck maintained. All of the parts must be functioning properly or within the legal limit. Don't forget to hand over vehicle maintenance records to your attorney that shows that you've gotten your truck maintained and serviced regularly. This evidence shows that you put in an effort to ensure that your truck is not a safety hazard on the road.


Truck accidents can be tricky. It's easy for the court to jump to conclusions and find the truck driver at fault. If you are ever involved in an accident, you need to find yourself an attorney like The Jaklitsch Law Group to build a strong case on your behalf.