Mistakes Mothers Make While Seeking Primary Custody Of Children

If you are a mother who is in the midst of a divorce, it is natural that you would assume that you would receive primary custody of your children. However that assumption can be the first in a series of mistakes that can lead to further problems resulting in losing primary custody. Here are mistakes that moms should avoid when seeking primary custody of children.

Not Producing Strong Enough Evidence

One of the most common mistakes that mothers make during the process of seeking primary custody is that they don't produce enough evidence to the court that shows why the children's father should not be the primary custodian. Making claims of physical abuse or saying that he doesn't take care of the children is not always enough; do your best to come up with concrete evidence that shows that what you're saying is true.

For instance, if abuse is going on, ensure that you call the police. If you don't, take the time to see a physician or take a picture of any injuries. If you are saying that the kids' father doesn't help care for them on a regular basis, get statements from teachers, pediatricians, coaches, and other adults who will support your claim that you are the only one they see or the parent they see the most. Bring along receipts showing that you've purchased clothing and other items for your children on a regular basis. The more evidence you have to support your claim that you are already acting as the primary parent of your children, the harder it will be for a judge to rule against you.

Focusing on Disagreements with Dad

Another thing that some mothers do when involved in a custody dispute is to claim that their opinion of their ex-partner is a reason to deny him custody of the children. Be aware that the judge is likely to focus on how the father is with the children and how they care for the kids. They may be less interested in the fact that he may have had an affair, for instance, than they are with the fact that he provides a stable, loving environment for the children.

Avoiding these errors can strengthen your claim that you should be the primary custodial parent. Talking with an experienced family lawyer throughout this process can help you continue to take actions that will result in the outcome you seek.