Help With Attaining Ownership Of Your Mom's Antique Shop When A Family Member Is Trying To Stop You

If your mother owned an antique shop and promised to leave it to you in her will, but your aunt is trying to claim ownership of the establishment now that your mother has died and has already been talking about all of the changes she will be making to the place, you may feel discouraged and worry about losing your family's business. The tips below will help you attain ownership of the shop and appease your aunt:

Consult With A Probate Attorney

Avoid speaking in a rude manner to your aunt or belittling her by telling her that she is wrong about being able to take over the business. Instead, release your fear and pent-up anger by consulting with a probate attorney. After a brief discussion about your mother's business and her last wishes, an attorney will provide you with a fee that they require to retain them.

If you believe the attorney can help you, hire them and they will view your mother's will and will explain in detail stipulations concerning her business, such as how long you will need to wait before your name will be officially on the deed that belongs to the building that the shop is run from or any outstanding expenses associated with the business. 

Have Matters Explained To Your Aunt During A Formal Meeting

Before ending your meeting with the lawyer, request that a formal meeting is arranged that involves you and your aunt sitting down to discuss your mother's will. Check with your aunt to determine when she would like to attend the meeting. During the meeting, your probate attorney will describe your mom's wishes in layman's terms so that your aunt has a clear picture of what your mother wanted to do with the shop.

If your mother left any of her proceeds or personal possessions to your aunt, the attorney will list the items during the meeting. Although your aunt may feel defeated, she will appreciate the fact that your attorney did not shut her out and took the time to explain your mom's will to her.

Offer A Partnership Or Role In Your Business

After you have taken over your mom's business, consider making your aunt your partner. If you are not too thrilled with this idea, however, and would like to remain the sole owner, provide your aunt with the opportunity to perform a role in your business. You could allow your aunt to help you appraise antiques or maybe you could have her help you redecorate certain parts of the business. As a result of your efforts, your aunt will feel as if she is important to you and the success of the antique shop.