Three Steps To Hiring A Civil Litigation Lawyer When A Customer Steals

Running a store, online or brick and mortar, means that you will meet different customers. Most of the interactions will be positive, but some interactions can be negative. One of the worst issues that can crop up as a store owner is finding out about a customer getting a chargeback on their credit card after taking home the merchandise. Some customers may claim that the credit card was stolen or that the item was no good and get a chargeback to their card, despite having the item. As a business owner, if you know that the customer is attempting to commit fraud, you may have to fight back in the courtroom. here are some steps to proving consumer theft after a chargeback. 

Hire an attorney that does litigation for businesses

As a business, you will be held liable in different ways from people who sell items. Businesses often have a form of liability insurance against theft and you may need to show that you have not received money for the chargeback via the insurance company. Your attorney will be able to seek damages directly from the victim in order to pack the chargeback without you having to take up the issue with your insurance company and increase your insurance rates. 

Get the signatures and the tapes from the transaction

If you are a brick and mortar store, one of the best things that you can put inside your shop are video cameras. Not only are they good to turn over to the police if someone snatches an item and runs, they are also good for proving that someone was there and made a purchase. If a customer has filed a chargeback that you are fighting, you can provide that they purchased the item themselves with tapes. If you operate an online shop, storing IP addresses and any emails between yourself and the customer are the best. 

Prove items condition was perfect

Sometimes customers will claim that items are not authentic or that the item had some damage in order to get a chargeback. The ball will always be in your court to prove that the item was in good condition. Having photographs to prove the authenticity and the condition of the item while in your shop will give you a point during civil litigation. Your lawyer will be able to let the court know that the item was in the condition it should be expected during the time of purchase. 

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