Being Too Nice During Divorce Can Come Back To Haunt You

Divorce should not be a fight, but don't overlook the fact that a divorce is a legal battle, of sorts. Consequently, being too nice or open with your ex can backfire on you. While you don't want a contentious divorce, you do want to protect and keep your interest at their forefront; learn why it's important to do so.

Require a Fair Share

Unless you and your partner are wealthy, you can expect some level of change to your finances after a divorce. After all, you're going from a household supported by two incomes to a sole income source. Your ex might give you a long story about how they won't have any money left over to support their hobby, furnish their new place, or fund some other expense. 

However, especially if you have children, this factor does not absolve them of their responsibility to contribute their fair share. Make sure you demand that your ex contributes whatever is considered a suitable amount for any shared expenses.

Never Just Take Their Word

Make sure your ex is forthcoming about any assets that he or she might have that were acquired during the divorce. For example, say your ex loved to collect cars and took money from your joint account to purchase the vehicles. 

Also, assume your spouse told you the cars weren't worth anything, so there is no need to include them in the divorce settlement. Don't just take their word. The cars could be extremely valuable, and since you contributed your own money into the purchase, you could walk away from investment without gaining any return. Check the details to verify all information. 

Don't Sign Off at Will

When one party wants a divorce but the other party does not, it's not unheard of for the party wanting the divorce to feel guilty. As a result, he or she might simply sign off on whatever their ex wants as a way to atone the situation. If you share these feelings, don't make the same mistake. 

A divorce will impact your life, so it's important that you have a clear idea as just how the impact will be felt. While it's essential you give your ex a voice in the process, don't forget that you have to play an equal role. 

Let an attorney take over the battling for you. With a divorce law attorney, you can outline and discuss your needs and wants, and let the attorney negotiate on your behalf to ensure a more successful outcome.