Issues That Could Lead To A Workers' Comp Claim As An Ice Skating Instructor

When you think about the ways that you could get hurt while working as an ice skating instructor, the most obvious concern is falling and either breaking a bone or sustaining a head injury. While you might think about filing a workers' compensation suit against your employer, it may be difficult for a judge to prove that the employer's negligence led to the accident. However, there are issues that could come as a result of your employer's negligence. If one of these issues was a factor in your fall and subsequent injury, contact a workers' comp attorney.

Poor Ice Conditions

Your employer — often the local parks and recreation department of the city — has a responsibility to provide a safe working environment for its ice skating instructors. One way that it can fail to do so is to not adequately maintain the ice. For example, if you're teaching ice skating on ice that is soft, pitted, or otherwise less than smooth, it's a lot easier to fall — and to sustain a serious injury. In this example, your workers' compensation claim would revolve around the poor ice conditions being a contributing factor to your injury.

Power Outage

Sometimes, the power will go out in an arena. This can happen for a variety of reasons, and while children might often think that it's a funny or exciting adventure, it can be an injury risk. For example, if you were to crash because you couldn't see, it's reasonable to blame your accident and injury on the power outage. While some outages can be beyond anyone's control — a nearby lightning strike, for example — it could also be possible that the city failed to adequately maintain its arena. The investigators who work for your attorney will look to prove this negligence to support your case.

Overcrowded Classes

If the ice surface is too crowded, skaters can frequently bump into one another. In some cases, the collisions may be severe, resulting in serious injuries to you. While a collision injury can be a fluke, it can also result from negligence on the part of your employer. For example, if the city's parks and recreation department enrolled as many children as possible in order to make a lot of money, your workers' compensation attorney will base a case around the employer putting the safety of everyone on the ice, including you, at risk.