How To Handle Asking For A Divorce

If you and your spouse have tried to make your marriage work and you have decided that things are just not going to work out, you may be ready to ask your spouse for a divorce. For a lot of people, taking this initiative can be really hard. Although you may not love your spouse as you once did, you do not want to cause pain or sadness. If you want to get a divorce but want to avoid as many hurt feelings as possible, consider some of these tips.

Be Clear About Your Reasons Why You Are Unhappy

When you ask for a divorce after you spent time trying to repair your marriage, your spouse is going to want to have some clear-cut reasons as to why you want your marriage to end. If you are currently going through counseling or therapy sessions, be sure that your spouse knows that you could potentially ask for a divorce.

Get a Game Plan

While you know you are ready for a divorce, your partner may think the news is coming out of nowhere. Before you break the news, list some of the reasons why you want the divorce and why you have come to the conclusion that this is the best thing for you all. In addition, you may want to have a plan for either of you to stay somewhere else for the night to process the news. If your spouse takes the news poorly, you may want to stay with a friend or family member until you can get the process started.

Be Careful of Your Tone

When you are asking your spouse for a divorce, you need to use the correct tone. Do not inflict an angry or combative tone. This is, after all, a person you loved at one time, as well as the parents of the children you have together. For those reasons, you should treat the situation with dignity and discuss your need for a divorce in the most mature way possible.

If you do have kids together, communicate your feelings on how you staying in the marriage simply makes the situation harder on the children. Your goal is to have the children in a happy environment, even if you are apart from one another. On that note, do not under any circumstances have your children present when you speak about this to your spouse. You need to have this discussion in a neutral setting with no one else you know nearby. For more information, talk to a divorce lawyer in your area.