Charged With A Crime? Avoid These Common Mistakes

If you have recently been charged with a crime, the days and weeks following the arrest can be scary and confusing and you might make a hasty choice that can impact not only your case but your future as well. Do not let your rash decision-making and a simple mistake impact your freedom and family. Instead, make sure to avoid these common mistakes people making after being arrested and charged with a crime.

Speaking Too Much to the Police

After you are arrested, you have several rights as the accused, and of these rights, two of the most important is your right to not incriminate yourself and your right to hire an attorney. The police will ask you several questions. However, you do not need to answer these questions, and if you are under arrest, you can ask for your criminal defense attorney immediately.

Once you ask for an attorney, the police no longer have the right to ask you any questions and you do not have to provide any answers. Instead, allow your attorney to speak for you.

Hiring the Most Inexpensive Attorney or No Attorney at All

Seeking the services of a criminal defense attorney is the smartest choice you can make after being arrested. Unfortunately, many believe that hiring the most inexpensive attorney or even believing you can handle the case on your own, which can make your situation even worse. Do your home and find an attorney that you can afford but also has a good reputation.

Ask friends and family members for references or check out the reviews online. Remember, foregoing the services of a seasoned attorney could wind up costing much more than any fees the attorney charges.

Failing to Prepare for Court

Finally, if your attorney cannot work out a plea agreement, you will appear before a judge. Your attorney will work to create an amazing case in your defense. It is just as important to remember you play a vital role inside the courtroom as well. Your attorney will give you pointers about how to act while in court and it is important to follow these tips.

Additionally, remember to allow your attorney to speak for you, to not act disrespectfully to the judge, and to dress accordingly.

From speaking too much to the police to foregoing hiring an attorney to not preparing yourself for your court appearances, there are several common mistakes to avoid if you are ever charged with a crime.