Taking a Social Media Break After Your Accident

Most people pick up their phones dozens of times a day to post and check posts on social media. It's become all too common and perfectly normal, in fact. Not everything is appropriate for posting on social media, however. If you have been injured in a wreck that was not your fault, you might need to take a break from social media for a while. Read on and find out why posting can harm your personal injury case.

Keeping the Facts Straight

Most posters relate a summary of the accident as they remember it. Unfortunately, it can be easy to accidentally leave out information, exaggerate something, or just post inaccurate information. This may not seem like a big deal when it comes to social media friends, but it might become a huge deal once you seek legal action. Don't let your need to gain sympathy from others eclipse your need to be compensated by the other driver.

Don't Accidentally Share the Fault 

Almost everyone involved in an accident feels bad about it, regardless of who was to blame for it. You may feel very sorry for the other driver, especially if they were injured too. After all, it was probably an accident and almost anyone can have a bad day or an inattentive moment. Unfortunately, if you express anything about being sorry on social media, you might harm your case by inviting the other side to saddle you with partial fault.

Your Injuries Are Important

Medical treatment and the cost of that treatment are more important to your case than you might think. The total dollar amount you accrue in medical costs can be used to calculate your pain and suffering. Unfortunately, posters on social media sites tend to underestimate their injuries to spare friends and loved ones the real story. Doing so, however, can cause the other side to accuse you of faking your real injuries to gain compensation.

Nothing Is Private Anymore

Many social media posters are under the mistaken impression that their posts are private. No matter what your privacy settings may be, anything you say can be subpoenaed by the other side and used against you. Rather than focus on social media, focus on getting the compensation you deserve. Speak to a personal injury lawyer rather than your social media followers about your case before you accidentally hurt your chances at compensation and get the money damages you need.

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