When Is Hiring A Workers' Compensation Lawyer Necessary?

Various jobs have numerous occupational hazards, including physical, psychosocial, biological, chemical, and mechanical hazards. For instance, if you are a construction worker, some of the risks and dangers that apply to your workplace include collapsing trenches, exposure to asbestos, equipment malfunction, and falling from elevated heights. All these can lead to significant injuries. Fortunately, you may get compensated for workplace injuries by workers' compensation insurance. However, the best way to guarantee you get compensated for what you deserve is to hire a workers' compensation lawyer.

Who is a Workers' Compensation Lawyer?

A workers' comp lawyer specializes in workplace injuries and everything related to it. That means, if you get injured at work, these attorneys will help you seek compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and the physical and mental anguish suffered. But first, they will help you determine whether your case is valid before proceedings ensue. That way, you are assured of settlement either outside the court or after the court ruling.

When Should You Hire a Workers' Compensation Lawyer?

Hiring a workers' comp lawyer is vital in the following scenarios:

1. An insurer disputes your permanent disability rating

A worker that hasn't fully recovered from work-related injuries is eligible for permanent disability benefits. However, before receiving them, you, as the worker, have to get examined by a doctor. Then, the doctor prepares a report that enables you to receive a permanent disability rating, which determines the amount of compensation you'll get. If your insurer disputes the rating and demands you attend an IME (independent medical examination), hire a workers' comp lawyer to ensure the insurance company's doctor doesn't unjustifiably assign you a lower permanent disability rating.

2. Your claim is denied

Insurers often deny workers' comp claims for many reasons, the most prevalent being inconsistencies. That means, for instance, if the accounts you gave your supervisor contradict what you said to your doctor, your claim will be denied. The insurance company may do the same on the grounds you filed the claim late. When that happens, hire a workers' compensation attorney to help you appeal, fill out forms, and navigate legal proceedings.  

3. Your current injury is related to a pre-existing condition

One of the most brutal battles you may have with your insurer involves injuries related to pre-existing illnesses or injuries. For instance, seeking compensation for a knee injury with an extensive history of Arthritis is likely to be complicated. The reason is, it will be challenging to determine if your job aggravated the condition and how much settlement you are entitled to. Either way, hiring an attorney specializing in workers' compensation law is crucial in ensuring you get justice and reparation. 

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