The Evidence You Need To Win A Slip-And-Fall Lawsuit

Were you the victim of a slip-and-fall accident, and you're not sure what to do? You are definitely going to need evidence about what happened. Here are some examples of the evidence that you need to win in court.  

Photographic Evidence

The best thing that you can do after an accident is to take photos of everything immediately after it happens. Waiting to come back to the accident site is not going to do you any good, since things can be changed to hide any evidence of what caused your accident. Just get out your smartphone and start taking as many photos as possible, since you won't be able to go back and get these photos later. 

Video Evidence

It's possible that there is video evidence out there of your slip and fall, but you just don't know where it is yet. With so many people having video doorbells, it is worth investigating homes and businesses in the surrounding area to see if your slip and fall was captured on video. You may be surprised to find a willing homeowner or business owner that will supply you with the footage that you need.

Witness Statement

Did anyone see the slip-and-fall accident? You'll want to get the contact information of these people so that you can get a statement from them later. Having a neutral third party that saw what happened can be a key piece of evidence that helps you win in court. It's possible that all these people will need to do is make a written statement about what happened.

Injury Evidence 

Having a slip-and-fall accident isn't enough to file a lawsuit. You need some sort of injury that caused you to suffer a financial loss. You should get checked out by a doctor as soon as possible to help document those injuries. If you wait too long and there is a gap between the accident and your doctor visit, this could be used against you in ways you may not have thought of. For example, you may be accused of getting injured in some other way, or that the injury wasn't serious enough to justify an immediate trip to a doctor. 

Not sure what else you need to do to have the evidence you need for your personal injury? For more information, reach out to a slip-and-fall attorney near you. They'll be able to help answer your questions.