How Is Negligence Proven In A Court Of Law?

You might have a loved one who has been injured or neglected in a retirement home and now you wish to file a lawsuit to get compensation for them. It's also possible you might have been injured on the job due to your employer not taking care of the company's equipment or not providing the necessary safety equipment needed to do the job. 

If you wish to bring a lawsuit due to negligence, you will need to prove that the person or company you are suing was negligent which resulted in injury. How do you prove negligence in a court of law? Your first step is contacting a negligence attorney to help you prove your case and understand these points.

They Had A Duty To You Or Your Loved One To Keep You Safe

The first item your negligence attorney needs to prove in court is, that the person or company you are suing had a legal obligation and duty to keep you or your loved one safe from harm. 

This includes the staff at a retirement community, your boss at your company, and even the manager or owner of a retail store. They need to provide a safe and clean environment where their visitors or employees can work or visit without the chance of being injured. If you or your loved one has been injured because an owner or staff member neglected to provide these elements, you can sue them in court.

You Or A Loved One Suffered The Injury Because Of The Negligence

Your negligence attorney must be able to prove in a court of law that your or your loved one's injury was directly related to the company or staff member's negligence and not by anything you or your loved one did of your own accord.

This could be due to slippery floors or unsecured carpeting causing slips and falls. It could also be malfunctioning tools or equipment causing injury that would have been prevented if they were kept in good condition. Negligence can also be staff in a hospital or retirement setting not caring for their patients leaving them unclean or underfed. 

If your attorney can prove that any injury you or your loved one suffered was due to negligence on the part of your employer or staff caring for you or a loved one, you could potentially be entitled to compensation. This can include medical expenses and money for the pain and suffering you endured.

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