Should You Use A Custody Evaluator During Your Divorce?

When parents decide to divorce, one of the most important things to consider is child custody. While many divorced couples are able to deal with this without the input of outside resources, some are simply unable to be amicable when making these decisions. The court then has to get involved when satisfying custody arrangements cannot be made. If you want to avoid the entire courtroom drama that goes along with a custody hearing, you could ask your family law attorney about a custody evaluation.

Suing Someone For Cutting Your Hair In An Assault

Did someone cut off your hair during an assault that stemmed from him or her getting angry? Unless you did something to set off the attack, such as taunt the other party, he or she can be held responsible for your hair loss. You can take the other party to court and demand compensation under the personal injury laws of your state. To begin the process, you might want to hire an attorney to increase the chance of proving to the court that you deserve the money.

3 Questions To Expect To Answer During Your Divorce Filing

Divorce can be a tricky situation for everyone involved, but even before the divorce can occur, there is a legal process that must ensue. From filing the paperwork to visiting an attorney for guidance, your divorce will bring up a lot of questions about things that you may not be prepared to answer. However, the best way to get prepared for the process is to know what to expect. Here is a look at a few of the common questions you can be expected to be asked during the process of filing for a divorce.

Three Steps To Hiring A Civil Litigation Lawyer When A Customer Steals

Running a store, online or brick and mortar, means that you will meet different customers. Most of the interactions will be positive, but some interactions can be negative. One of the worst issues that can crop up as a store owner is finding out about a customer getting a chargeback on their credit card after taking home the merchandise. Some customers may claim that the credit card was stolen or that the item was no good and get a chargeback to their card, despite having the item.

Sleep Deprivation And Car Accidents

The risk of crashing because of sleep deprivation is much higher than the risk of driving while you are on enough sleep. Many people don't think about these things, but instead consider themselves safe to drive simply because they aren't under the influence. However, sleep deprivation can be just as bad. Here's what you should know to become an even more responsible driver: Check for Symptoms: As a driver on the road, you should know when someone is driving dangerously and possibly sleep deprived.