Are You Liable For Your Bike Accident? What You Need To Know

When an accident between a bike and a car occurs, it often results in major damage and injuries for the biker in particular. While the driver of the car is often accused of causing the accident, the biker can be at fault as well. In some cases, however, it is difficult to determine just who is to blame. If you are a biker and you know you were the primary cause of the accident, there are some things you need to do.

What Is A Nesting Child Custody Arrangement?

A divorce can be tough for your children. The process essentially changes their way of living and thrusts them into a completely different situation. For some children, divorce can result in major psychological issues that can last for years. To help ease the process as much as possible, you may want to consider a nesting arrangement when it comes to custody. Nesting is a newer concept in divorce. What happens is you maintain the family home that the children live in and are used to.

Establishing A Medical Malpractice Case And The Extent Of Your Injuries

Medical malpractice law can be complex. You must be able to prove that your medical provider was not following standard protocol when treating you and that the treatment you received or that their negligent behavior caused your injuries. When you seek medical treatment and you are worse off after the care you receive, a medical malpractice attorney can help clear up your situation for you. When your treatment was negligent and you are suffering from losses, your treatment provider can be held liable for your injuries.

How To Handle Asking For A Divorce

If you and your spouse have tried to make your marriage work and you have decided that things are just not going to work out, you may be ready to ask your spouse for a divorce. For a lot of people, taking this initiative can be really hard. Although you may not love your spouse as you once did, you do not want to cause pain or sadness. If you want to get a divorce but want to avoid as many hurt feelings as possible, consider some of these tips.

Issues That Could Lead To A Workers' Comp Claim As An Ice Skating Instructor

When you think about the ways that you could get hurt while working as an ice skating instructor, the most obvious concern is falling and either breaking a bone or sustaining a head injury. While you might think about filing a workers' compensation suit against your employer, it may be difficult for a judge to prove that the employer's negligence led to the accident. However, there are issues that could come as a result of your employer's negligence.